Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Account

At any point of time you can cancel your account with us from the panel or by writing us on

  • Once your account is cancelled all of your content will be immediately deleted from the website.
  • Since deletion of all data is final please be sure that you do in fact want to cancel your account before doing so.
  • Fraud: Jhakaas Item may suspend or terminate your account if at any point of time we suspect that you (by any means) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the Site or the process of Jhakaas Item.
Cancellation of Order

All orders are automatically processed on our panel and sent for processing immediately and later shipment as soon as they are processed. During this process we incur irreversible fees. Therefore, while we understand that orders might need to be changed sometimes, we are unable to do it free of charge after a certain point. We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped, you will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee before credit is issued.
  • If you cancel your order AFTER it has been shipped, please follow our Return Policies & Procedures. The cancellation will have to be treated as a Return with all applicable fees.
  • Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY will be assessed all of the applicable fees listed above - including restocking, cancellation and other applicable fees.
Cancellation by Jhakaas Item

There may be certain orders that Jhakaas Item is unable to accept and has the right to cancel such order. Jhakaas Item reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. Some situations that may result in Buyer's order being cancelled include, without limitation, non-availability of the Product or quantities ordered by Buyer or inaccuracies or errors in pricing information. Jhakaas Item may also require additional verifications or information before processing any order.

All such cancellation shall be without any recourse to Buyer and without any liability to the Jhakaas Item. If Buyer's order is so cancelled, after the payment has been processed, the said amount will be reversed / remitted to the Buyer either to the bank account provided by the Buyer for such reversal, or to the payment instrument of the Buyer from which payment was made, or to any pre-paid payment instrument account of the Buyer. Jhakaas Item shall have the sole discretion to determine the mode of reversal from the above options. In the event a promotional code given by Jhakaas Item is used for the purchase of the Product, the amount under such promotional code shall not be refunded in case of cancellation of order.